CHINA-TAIWAN: The Next Major War Is Coming…Fast

by Micha Gefen

China is making no secret of its desire to conquer the Island of Taiwan. It has vigorously pursued a “One China” policy with both Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, the latter is far different than the city state of Hong Kong.

Returned to China in 1997 after a 99 year lease, Hong Kong was a former British colony whose status was considered semi autonomous within the Chinese system. This lasted until 2020, when China fully absorbed the city against international agreements.

Taiwan is a semi independent country whose control falls under the former democratic leadership that fled to the island after losing control of the Chinese mainland to the Chinese Communist Party. Taiwan is seen by America, Australia, Britain, Japan, and others as a bulwark against the CCP advance in the Indo-Pacific arena.

Towards the end of Trump’s term, China militarily threatened the island with fighter jets and naval ships. Now with Biden barely in office 12 days, the regime in Beijing is preparing an all out assault.

It appears that war is fast approaching the region and with it, the potential to turn global is a very real possibility.

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