China Stole It’s Way To The Top and Yet Biden’s Team Continues Strengthening Ties

by Micha Gefen

A top professor in China was videoed admitting that CCP controlled China essentially stole its way to the top of the global market and now is so far ahead it is leading in the technology sphere.

China has stolen a vast amount of technology knowhow over the last 40 years. While the USA took the CCP to task under the Trump administration, the immense damage to the world was already accomplished.

Worst than this, the technology is not only being used to create a business edge for China, but enables them to crack down on internal opposition. This can be in the form of genocidal oppression of minority groups like the Uyghers or Tibetans or political dissidents.

Unfortunately the Biden administration insists that it must still try to reach out to China just like it is doing with Iran. By working with these regimes, Biden renders his claim to be focused on human rights empty of meaning and impact.

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