In Hong Kong, Chinese Police Handcuff Kids And March Them Away

by David Mark

China has completed its take over of Hong Kong, flaunting international agreements and trampling personal freedoms. The video below shows just how crazy the CCP has gotten as it marches young people way in a show of force to protestors and Hong Kong citizens.

China faces world condemnation over its passage of a new security bill that defacto gives it complete control over Hong Kong. This has essentially reshaped the military and geopolitical order in Asia, by effectively ending Hong Kong’s special trading status with the USA.

Furthermore, in a show of defiance to China’s expansionism , Taiwan has offered to provide a safe haven for citizens of Hong Kong looking to escape.

For its part, the Trump administration now says it is planning a direct response to China’s action in Hong Kong.

Watch more about Trump’s response below

While direct conflict between the US and China appears to still be far off, it is clear a conflict is in the offing as both have no interest in pulling back.

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