The China Hack Is Part Of A Wider War On The West

by David Mark

With the revelation that China may have hacked Dominion Voting Systems, manipulating the 2020 US Elections more and more information is coming to light revealing that the distortion of America’s election system is part of China’s growing war for global control.

The fact is, the Chinese Communist Party has been actively using hardware embedded in innocent products such as cellphones, tv screens, and computers to spy on the American government. The threat is so bad that the US government banned the use of Lenovo computers due their use of Chinese parts giving them particular backdoor vulnerabilities to Chinese hackers.

Rick Fisher, Senior Fellow of the International Assessment and Strategy Center, says that “If a voting machine would have Chinese components, it is at least possible in theory that a bad actor could go to that voting machine, insert a program that could affect the vote count in favor of a friend of China.”

Fisher explains that an April election in South Korea, a key US ally, had a similar set of outcomes, contrary to statistical probability as well as wide scale questions of voter fraud. The election saw a sweep for pro-Chinese lawmakers. Investigations in South Korea brought up the real possibility that China, whose hardware the South Koreans had in their voting machines, was responsible.

China has for years been accused of using their exported technology to infiltrate other governments. This appears to be part of a wider strategy that parallels other activities, such as the Belt and Road Initiative and foreign investments in African countries that later find themselves economically colonized by Beijing.

With President Trump’s pushback on China’s growing hegemony, it is not far fetched to see that Beijing found it advantageous to use government officials antagonistic to Trump, as well as openings in the very machines their parts are found, to strike a blow to the US elections. By doing so, the CCP would not only get the outcome they desired by having pro-Beijing Biden installed as President, but widespread calls of election fraud would permanently destroy Americans’ faith in their elections system – a foundation of Democracy.

The Chinese Communist Party’s push to total global domination is not coming by way of overt war, but rather through the devices we have grown accustom to using, as well as the weakness of poorer nations in the face of a dominating insurgent global power. While there is still time to change course, the will to do so must be there in order to hold back the rising dragon.

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