China and Russia Moving Towards Control of Ukraine

by David Mark

Despite what the Biden administration wants the public to believe, Russia has made up for its early challenges in its invasion of Ukraine and has essentially taken control over all strategically important areas.

Moscow controls the Eastern region and with Crimea and Transnistria (eastern part of Moldova), it essentially has land locked Ukraine save for Odessa, which it controls by its naval forces in the Black Sea. This is why the Ukraine conflict has dropped off the front pages in Western newspapers and why even France has broken ranks with NATO to once again buy Russian oil.

Ukraine is said to have pushed for another counter attack this Spring, but save for a miracle, Russia appears firmly in control.

China’s hand in Russia’s victory cannot be ignored and it will be hard to deny Beijing a prize and piece of the Ukrainian pie after the war. What the world has seen by NATO’s over zealousness in combatting Russia is an entire realignment of the world geopolitical map.

Russia and China are now enmeshed allies and Iran is being groomed as a junior partner. With Saudi Arabia signing a normalization deal with Iran, even Sunni states who were once enemies of the Ayatollahs see which way the wind is blowing. Unfortunately, not in Washington’s favor.

None of this bodes well for Israel. With Iran expanding and America in retreat, the Jewish State stands alone in its fight against the coming onslaught.

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