CHAZ was the biggest failed Democrat experiment

by Phil Schneider

Anarchy ruled the streets in Seattle for a few weeks. The focus on the words Anarchists and Marxists is unfortunately true. But the real issue is not just the hundreds or maybe even a few thousand Anarchists or Marxists who are tearing down statues and setting up cop-free zones. The real issue is the fact that weak Mayors and Governors across America are scared to confront the Anarchists and Marxists. They are scared of being branded as racists. And they are scared of actually siding with President Trump.

It is not only Democrat-run cities that is the issue. The issue is anyone who doesn’t understand that the United States is the best place to live in as an African American. The United States does indeed have a racist past. But as opposed to other countries who continue to have institutionalized racism, the United States has probably made greater strides than any other country on this issue.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s, there is no question that racism, anti-semitism, and a general anti-immigrant attitude was prevalent all around the United States. But on all of these things, between the 40’s and 50’s, there was major progress. Even before the Civil Rights Movement began, the United States was a completely different country that began to make major steps on integration. It was not only in the military. But in sports, jobs, governments, etc.. there were far more African Americans than in nearly any other Western country. By the 60’s and 70’s, the Civil Rights movement had taken care of breaking down the last major barriers across the United States. Nearly everybody who was raised in the US in the 80’s, 90’s or later on is an open-minded liberal oriented person on issues of race, gender, and religion.

But of course there is a radical fringe. But that radical fringe could not keep Barack Obama out of the White House. They could not keep Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell out of power in the Pentagon. The issue today is that the fringe on the radical left is pushing a narrative that is absolutely false. But due to the fear of racist branding, people on the left of center side are scared to confront them. This must stop. Anarchy should be the enemy of everybody – including the anarchists. Seattle should be the low point in the struggle of the anarchists to sow anarchy in the United States and the world.

Motivation for Terror
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