Candace Owens And Ben Shapiro Blast The Lies Of Black Lives Matter

by Phil Schneider

In what way is the Black Lives Matter a positive movement? The answer is none. Nothing positive comes from the Black Lives Matter movement. It just leaves destruction and breeds racial based violence.

The Civil Rights Movement was a successful movement that changed America and removed the barriers of entry for black people and removed the issues of oppression that did exist in the past of America. But Candace Owens properly points out that the idea of white guilt is one big lie and she blames LBJ, who started affirmative action programs, for ruining the futures of black people.

The narrative of the Black Lives Matter is also based on one big lie. The lie is that the United States is based on a systemic problem of hating minorities – specifically black people. Actually, the United States of America is the best place in the world for a black person to be. The United States fought a civil war – largely over the issue of freeing slaves.

But in truth, the main issue is not racism that affects black people. It is the breakdown of the family unit – especially in black communities. When such a large group of people do not know who their father is, or their father has been in jail for most of their childhood, the children start off with a massive handicap. That is the main issue plaguing the inner cities of America today. When children grow up with a strong father figure, they don’t pin blame on others. They take responsibility for their own lives and build themselves up.

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