“Allah will Ask: You Voted for that Filthy Non-Muslim, Why?”

by Avi Abelow

Canadian Cleric Younus Kathrada gives election advice in his Mosque. He says straight out that all the non-Muslim candidates in the upcoming elections are Evil and Filthy Non-Muslims who support Homosexuality and Zionism.

There is ample evidence of Islamists who are infiltrating Western countries saying loud and clear that non-Muslims are evil. They sometimes are even clear in saying that their intent in moving to the Western countries is to turn the evil Western countries into Muslim countries.

Instead of Western political leaders and media personalities using the ample amount of proof of their intent, they instead ignore these sides and instead preach tolerance and multicultarism. However, they are playing with fire because tolerating intolerance of Islamism only hastens the Islamist plan to overtake their countries.

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