BREAKING: Hamas Ran A Data Center Under UNRWA’s Gaza Headquarters

by David Mark

Things are getting worse for UNRWA as the IDF has now uncovered a Hamas subterranean data center under their main Gaza headquarters.

Despite the claims of UNRWA’s head Philippe Lazzarini that UNRWA had no knowledge that Hamas was running a data center under their headquarters, the evidence being released is damning. The IDF reported that they found electrical cables that led directly from the UNRWA building to the tunnel. These cables were providing power to the Hamas infrastructure below ground.

Using interrogations, other intelligence gathering methods, and on the ground observations, the IDF launched a targeted raid on the complex and located the data center.

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), took a swipe at UNRWA head Philippe Lazzarini’s claim of not knowing about the data center.

“Oh, you knew,” COGAT tweeted, in response to Lazzarini’s long tweet that denied any knowledge of the tunnel or the subterranean data center. UNRWA’s head claimed that Israel has “not informed UNRWA officially” about the discoveries, and then dug himself into a deeper hole y claiming that UN staff left the Gaza headquarters four months ago as Israel launched its military campaign in Gaza.

“Digging a tunnel takes longer than 4 months. We invited senior UN officials to see, and during past meetings with you and other UN officials, we stated Hamas’s use of UNRWA’s headquarters,” COGAT posted on Twitter.

All of this evidence points to one end – the end of UNRWA. UNRWA’s very existence has perpetuated the false “palestinian” narrative which has now infected much of the younger generation around the world. By never resettling any of the Arabs that left their homes in 1948 in the countries they found themselves in - UNRWA has allowed the myth of the eternal ever expanding “palestinian” refugee to continue.

With fake keys to non-existent properties in Israel as well as spreading blood libel lever antisemitism – UNRWA has become the global generator of the newest form of anitsemitism – anti-zionism.

The Gaza findings may be the first chance Israel has to finally end the “palestinian” myth once and for all. Is Israel’s leadership up to the task – Israel’s future may depend on it.

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