Breaking Down The Threat Of Islam

by Phil Schneider

“Islam is both a political movement and a religion.” Ken Abramowitz, from, makes this point which may not seem like a major insight. But it is a critical detail that is nearly never mentioned.

The religious side of Islam should and is protected by freedom of religion. But the political side of Islam is actually a terrorist-supporting movement that tries to shield itself behind the religion of Islam.

Even after 9/11, George W. Bush made it a point to say that he had no problem with Islam, but only with the terrorists and those countries that shielded the terrorists. This was a PC statement that he made before deciding on attacking Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush was looking to build up support in countries such as Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries in his battle against Al Qaeda.

But as he and others found out the hard way, the problem really was and still is the political movement of Islam. That movement spans many countries and largely sees the West and Israel as twin enemies that must be fought against. The threat has not diminished since 9/11. It has only grown and now has more adherents inside of America and even inside the Halls of Congress.

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