Boris Johnson Thanks His Doctors For Saving His Life

by Micha Gefen

Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson almost lost his life to coronavirus. He is actually the first world leader to suffer from the virus. So when he made it through and was released he felt the need to thank his doctors.

Boris Johnson spoke to the nation from his home and thanked the entire British people for courageously staying home and protecting the doctors, nurses, and health professionals and by doing so giving Britain the ability to contain the virus.

Johnson is a widely popular leader and the nation was frantic over the possibility that he may succumb to the novel coronavirus.

Johnson’s illness showed how COVID-19 does not discriminate and has the power to cut down anyone – rich or poor, famous or anonymous.

This is what makes COVID-19 so deadly. This is also why Prime Minister Johnson’s insistence that the nation continue to follow the social distancing rules is so important.

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