One Muslim Video Insists Coronavirus Is Leading The World To Islam

by Phil Schneider

Avi Yemini brings us the absolutely worst coronavirus video you will ever see. Is the new world that we now see an opportunity that should advance the Muslim way of life. Is the main message that we are supposed to learn from coronavirus the message of covering our mouths and noses?

We all want to survive the pandemic. Yemini explains that the custom of covering up is not a Muslim custom – it is a custom with all kinds of versions that spans many religions. But as Yemini says so succinctly, “Do the Muslims really want to equate their religion with a bloody virus?” The pandemic is a serious matter and should not be turned into an excuse to promote a specific religious way of life.

Yes, the world should wake up and not continue life the same way as we have until now. But, let every person make their own conclusions as to what they will change in their life now that God has brought the world to it’s knees and back to the basics of home and family. The issue at hand now is the world’s dependence on China. This has become so apparent and we will all need to decide what we will all do to make sure that “Made in China” becomes a label that leads us to avoid buying a product, rather than embrace the cheap price label.

Arab Incitement
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