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Arab Terrorists Burn Beit Knesset in Southern Judea
Last night near the Southern Hebron Hills community of Maale Hever, terrorist burned a Beith Midrash/Beit Knesset. BOOST THIS[...]
“Free Palestine” Protesters call for Jewish Students to be Kicked out of CUNY
Jewish Students are being threatened on college campuses throughout the world. And here, it is happening once again. Zionism out[...]
“Squad” Freezes Funding For Iron Dome
The Squad backed up by their "Woke" Democrat allies prevented funding for the Iron Dome system that has protected Israel[...]
AOC Introduces Resolution to Aid Hamas in Killing Israeli Citizens
There is a small, yet growing group in Congress that is plotting to destroy Israel - in broad daylight. That[...]
Israeli Startup Develops Foldable Electric Car that Will Change the Future of City Driving
Every Israeli startup seems to do something cool. And this one is no different. You are going to be blown[...]
Is The Taliban’s Control Beginning To Slip?
China and Pakistan placed all of their faith in the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan allowing both of them to[...]

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