Biden’s cabinet picks threaten Israel’s security

by Leah Rosenberg

As Israel’s strongest ally, America should be concerned about Israel’s security. And Biden proved that he doesn’t care.

Israel’s Security and Future Foreign Policy

While Trump has been president, he has made decisions to ensure Israel’s security remains strong. His foreign policy has helped stop terrorism – from his strong stance on Iran to taking money away from the “Palestinian” Authority.

And now, Biden has picked many people for a potential cabinet if he officially wins the presidency. But the problem is, the people he picked will harm American and Israel – and the world. His foreign policy plans are terrifying. Biden shows that he is not aware of the world we are living in and who the “good guys” are and who the “bad guys” are.

Biden’s picks can damage many relationships that have been made. His picks can damage Israel’s security. He has already said he wants to give money to the “Palestinian” Authority, who in turn gives money to terrorists. He has already said he wants to reenter the Iran deal. Joe Biden’s campaign promises should scare anyone who supports a strong United States and a strong Israel. People need to stop blindly supporting politicians who truly can harm the entire world.

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