Biden Decides To Accept The New Middle East – For Now

by Micha Gefen

Given the big changes in the Middle East since President Biden was VP, the new administration appears ready to accept the US embassy being in Jerusalem, the Abraham Accords, and the end to placing the “Palestinians” as the center piece for Middle East peace.

Although many of Biden’s team are a repeat from Obama’s tenure, and their worldview is clearly very different from Trump’s, it appears Secretary of State Blinken has accepted many of the new realities – except one.

Calling the two-state solution the only viable solution to the conflict, the Biden administration clearly believes it will need the shift the onus once again to Israel. “Settlements” will be targeted as stumbling blocks to peace. Interestingly enough, the UAE and others have appeared to move on from this issue.

Yet, even Blinken agrees that there are no near term prospects for peace between Israel and the Arabs of Judea and Samaria.

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