Biden Lies to America about the Border with a Shocking Story

by Phil Schneider

The Democrat administration is working as hard as possible to flood the southern border with immigrants that will vote for Democrats in the ensuing elections. It is a travesty of the first order. But our dementia-filled President has the gall to criticize border agents for doing the job. So says Tucker Carlson. Carlson is right. This is not a racism issue. This is a border issue. But Kamala Harris and other people in power now see the border patrol agents and police as the source of problems in the United States and not part of the solution to problems in the United States.

Where there is no order, the descent to chaos is rather swift. That is what is being observed today in the United States. The best thing that can be said about the weak leadership of the United States today is that they are inept. But more probably they are completely wrong-headed or absent-headed – in Biden’s case. The elderly should be respected and consulted with, but they should not be in the Oval Office. The vast experience that Joe Biden has in politics is indeed valuable. But he does not have the wherewithal to work long days and make difficult decisions. That is why the Afghanistan debacle occurred. He probably does not really understand what happened there. The old Joe Biden was not anywhere as progressive and radical as the new Joe Biden is.

But his handlers are doing a good job at making him say what Obama’s henchmen want him to say, and he knows that if he slips up, he’s one step away from forced retirement. The Presidency is a very regal way of ending one’s political career, but the United States and the free world is paying the price for the irresponsibility of a President running the country who is no longer able to.

What should be noted is that Kamala Harris is probably a worse option. That will keep Biden in the Oval Office for another year or two. Watch as the Democrats will work hard to bring a new face to the fore for the 2024 Presidential election. It will probably be a woman or a minority – or both that will have enough of a track record that looks moderate. But, the descent into radical left-wing progressive policies will just get worse. The socialist spirit of the Democrat party is real and growing. They must be defeated at the polls in the 2022 mid-term elections, but especially in 2024.

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