Biden Betrayed Israel with This Terrorist-Supporting Policy

by Phil Schneider

“Pay to Slay” is the term that is 100% accurate in describing the status quo among the Arab leadership in the State of Israel today. Nobody pins a hypocrite against the wall better than Ted Cruz, and he knows that he has a total hypocrite sitting right in front of him. This is democracy doing what it does best – exposing policies that are radical to the public so that in the next round of elections, people will know who to not vote for.

The Biden Administration’s major mistake was in Afghanistan. The idea of running away from a country and leaving tens of billions of dollars of weapons there will probably be viewed as one of the greatest foreign policy mistakes of the 21st century.

But emboldening Iran once again to work towards completion of their nuclear weapons program is no less of a wrong-headed policy. This specific hearing though exposes the lack of a clear moral compass driving US foreign policy on Israel. It is so wrong-headed that it is hard to even fathom that US taxpayer money is actually being funneled to the families of terror victims.

Israel’s friends and supporters in Congress are many. But Ted Cruz has always been at the very top of the list.

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