Biden Believes He Can Bring The Ultimate Peace Accords

by Micha Gefen

The Biden administration has been hinting that a possible normalization in ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia is in the works.

While this would be a welcome step and considered the completion of Israel’s integration into the Middle East, the fact is normalization appears farther off than ever before. The reason in fact the Biden administration. What made the Abraham Accords work is that the players saw the Trump administration and America as a solid partner who was willing to remain in the region no matter what.

The Biden administration has done the opposite. It has weakened American influence in the region to the point that Saudi Arabia and others have reached out to Russia and even normalized relations with Iran.

So why is the Biden administration confident it can produce normalization? It isn’t, but rather use it as a distraction from its increasing set of issues that are now coming to a forefront in the Middle East – chief among them Iran.

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