“Bibi is Hitler” Protests Outside White House Ceremony

by Avi Abelow


This is the protest of palestinian Arabs and their supporters outside the White House in Washington DC while President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the leaders of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed the historic Abraham Accords peace deal.
Bibi is Hitler? Really? This just highlights how supporters of the whole cause called “palestine” are disconnected from reality. Here Arab Muslim countries want to make peace with Israel because they see how Israel is such an amazing country, providing freedom and equality to all who live in Israel, including all our Arab Muslim citizens and yet these protestors scream Bibi is Hitler? Sick.

At that same time of the White House ceremony, palestinian Arab terrorists in Gaza wanted to show their anger at these historic peace deals, so they shot rockets into two major Israeli cities, Ashkelon and Ashdod, with one rocket hitting a mall area in Ashdod seriously harming one Israeli citizen and lightly wounding others.

Here is the irony, watch the celebratory mood of the United Arab Emirates news station reporting on the news of the peace deal.

And now watch this!

The Israeli national anthem being broadcast in the center of Abu Dhabi.
One group of Arab Muslims, and their supporter, deny the blessing of Israel, and curse us instead, while another group of Arab Muslims in the Middle East warmly embrace the Jewish state of Israel. They will be blessed.   

Blood Libel
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