Bibi and Bolton went to the Jordan Valley to prove THIS

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jordan Valley is more than just a regular valley. It is extremely important for Israel’s security. And the United States actually gets it!

The Jordan Valley

Of course, Israel wants peace with its neighbors. But that cannot be at the risk of Israel’s own security of its borders and people. And the US understands that. Most of the world does not, but America sees the facts on the ground. And that is why the Jordan Valley is another strategic area that must remain in Israel’s control. As Bibi said, peace cannot happen if Israel LEAVES it – that is just absurd. That will only bring more terror and destruction – to Israel and really to the entire region. Any peace agreement must have written that Israel will keep control of this valley. If the world cannot understand that, then they understand nothing about the Middle East.

The US-Israel Relationship

Every time the US backs Israel and the security of the Jewish state, it strengthens the already strong friendship. Having John Bolton, the National Security Advisor of the United States, come to the Jordan Valley along with Bibi Netanyahu and Ambassador David Friedman is another historic moment. It shows that the US really stands behind Israel. They not only want to understand the conflict, but they want to show the world that they understand. And Israel is forever grateful for that. America knows that Israel wants peace, and they also know that it will not happen by giving up the Jordan Valley.

Hopefully the rest of the world will understand that soon as well.

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