Bennett Meets With Biden As America’s Credibility Collapses

by Micha Gefen

The surreal nature of Israeli PM Naftali Bennett’s first visit to the White House cannot be overstated. In the midst of his visit, the US suffered the worst terror attack in Afghanistan against its forces in a decade and yet Bennett insisted on playing up Biden’s desire to help Israel against Iran.

In many ways Bennett’s visit to the US was much more about Israel and shoring up his shaky position as the Prime Minister of a very unstable coalition. However, no one is really paying attention. Instead the world is watching America literally exiting the global leadership stage in a lightening quick manner.

This move is leaving a vacuum across the world that no one is prepared to fill except for China. Given the fact that Biden himself is compromised as a Chinese agent, all of this amounts to the Chinese Communist Party becoming the real leader of the entire world.

Bennett asking the US for help is king of like asking a friend who got fired from a job for a loan. You just do that. After all, without credibility with its NATO allies, there is very little to assume the US can do to help Israel.

Thats right, Israel is basically on its own and with new terror cells formed in the wake of Biden’s Afghanistan retreat, the Middle East is set to explode.

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