Ben Shapiro Proudly Stood up for the Jewish People – with His Yarmulke

by Leah Rosenberg

Why do Jews wear Yarmulkes? Why does Ben Shapiro, a famous Conservative commentator, wear one, especially with all the antisemitism?

Ben Shapiro Explains his Yarmulke

This is definitely a Ben Shapiro video that the entire world should see. All those antisemites out there should know what the Jewish people stand for and why they wear Yarmulkes on their heads. The world should know who the Jewish people fear – they fear G-d. The Jewish people have a Father in heaven who they know controls everything. They have dedicated themselves to Him.

It is fascinating listening to Shapiro speak. He is such a famous Conservative political commentator, and it is not common to have someone like him who is also a religious Jew. Ben Shapiro is really at center stage. He has a spotlight on him, and yet, he is still proud to wear his Yarmulke and to be a Jew. It is a reminder to the rest of us who sometimes question practicing our Jewish values out of fear of what others will think. Ben has millions of followers. He is one of the top Conservative media hosts out there. And he is a proud Jew.

He is proud of Israel; of its democracy and freedoms. Of its tolerance.

This is just such a spot on video. So many are scared to speak their minds and stand up for their own people. Jews are scared. And this is so powerful to hear: Don’t be scared. Stand up for Israel; for the Jewish people. Stand up for the truth.

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