Ben Shapiro On The Real Reason Why Trump’s Peace Plan is Amazing

by Phil Schneider

Ben Shapiro believes that the most amazing aspect of the “Peace” Deal is not the aspect of Israel once and for all receiving recognition and finality on the status of the disputed lands in the Heartland of Israel. He thinks that the main point is the overlooked – yet critical – detail that Saudi Arabia, Egypt – and Qatar too – have all given their blessing for this agreement. He’s right. That is a major issue.

For decades, the main point that has been argued endlessly is that at the heart of Middle Eastern strife is the issue of Israelis and Arabs who live within the borders of Israel. But this has actually never been the case. The only wars that Israel has ever fought have been against armies that are outside the borders of Israel. The Arabs who live inside of Israel have had many protests and violent ones too. But they do not present Israel with an existential threat like so many have argued.

Israel has fought 4 wars against Egypt, and Saudi Arabia has been involved in one way or another in several wars with Israel too. They both gave their blessing to this deal. That is a major issue. That means that Israel now has Arab allies in the Middle East that do not present an existential threat to the State of Israel the way that they have for so many decades. The “Arabs in Israel” issue is certainly a major issue. Millions of disgruntled people living in the midst of a country with a few million people is not a minor thing. But, they have never been the major issue, nor will they ever be. This deal makes it ever so clear.

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