Belgian police target Jewish jewelry store in disturbing antisemitic attack

by Leah Rosenberg

Another antisemitic attack? How can this be? And the frightening thing is that the police themselves are responsible for this one.

Antisemitic Attack by Police

The policemen in every country are supposed to stop attacks. But the Belgian policemen here used excessive force in a Jewish jewelry store. This was a clear antisemitic attack.

The police came because there were “too many” people in the store picking out an engagement ring for a bride.

Yes, people need to be careful to follow guidelines for COVID-19. Everyone wants to beat this virus. No one wants to spread it more. But to treat people who may have had a few too many people in their store as criminals is outrageous. There is a fine line between criminals and crowding a jewelry store. And as we all know, protesters throughout the world have not social distanced. They have not worn masks. And yet, they did not get the treatment that these Jews got. They were let off the hook. Why the double standard for a Jewish-owned shop? Why couldn’t the policemen just warn them and treat them like upstanding citizens? Handcuffing them and placing them next to each other in a line is truly despicable.

This is 2020. When will the antisemitism end?

Israel Memorial Day
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