Check out what’s going on behind the scenes in this Matzah baking factory!

by Leah Rosenberg

Would you want to eat food that was being baked by these guys? Well, they are actually a very serious Matzah baking outfit.


Matzah is the customary cracker-like bread that is eaten by Jews every Passover holiday. It is also eaten all year round, but the main custom is to eat in on Passover.

From where did the custom originate?  The Bible story in a nutshell is written up in the Book of Exodus.  The Jewish people consisted of one large family – Jacob, his wives, and children.  They all moved from the Land of Israel down to Egypt in order to survive.

Amazingly, in less than a few hundred years, the Jewish people multiplied at an almost miraculous rate and grew to be hundreds of thousands in just a few hundred years.  But they were slaves.  There seemed no way to get out.


Enter Moses.  Moses was born to Jewish parents.  However, he grew up in the house of Pharaoh.  Ultimately, Moses left Egypt and returned to lead the Jews out of Egypt.  God himself took the Jews out of Egypt.  However, Moses, His prophet was the leader following God’s commands to bring the Jews out.  God punished the Egyptians severely for all of the terrible years of bondage and suffering they inflicted on the Jews.

The very last straw was God’s killing of every first-born in Egypt.  Hundreds of thousands of Jews walked out of Egypt right under the noses of the most powerful army in the world.  The Jews were enslaved for hundreds of years.  They left in a matter of minutes.  It was so quick that the Jews could barely take anything.  In addition, the bread did not even get fully baked.

That is where the custom of eating Matzah comes from.  Matzah reminds us how quickly God’s salvation emerges.  Literally in a matter of minutes, the Jewish people were freed and ready to go to Mt. Sinai and the Promised Land.







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