Bedouin Violence Continues After Israeli Government Appeases Arab Terror

by Leah Rosenberg

This is the police station in Israel’s Negev in Tel Sheva. Bedouin violence continued here with massive stone throwing.

Bedouin Violence Continues After Israeli Government Caves to Pressure

Take a look at more Bedouin violence down South. And when did this happen? After the Israeli government appeased their violence yesterday and stopped the tree planting on land in Southern Israel. The Bedouins acted violently in response to the JNF planting trees, and instead of standing strong against the violence and planting more, the Israeli government stopped planting.

So yes, this is what appeasement brings: Not a stop to the Bedouin terror and violence, but a direct lead to its continuation.

Why did the Israeli government stop the tree planting? Because the Islamic Ra’am party, which is part of the coalition, acted on a threat to stop voting with the government on Knesset votes, if the planting would not be stopped. The government capitualted and stopped the planting. This is what happens when you have terror supporters as part of your coalition…

When will the people in charge learn? And why haven’t they learned yet? They need to start caring about the Israeli people and the state of Israel more than the Arabs in the government who are trying to destroy the Jewish state of Israel.

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