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by Leah Rosenberg

Tel-Aviv is a little more than 100 years old. That makes it a rather new city in the State of Israel. Jerusalem, Hebron, Schechem, and Tel-Aviv’s neighbor, Yafo are all thousands of years old. However, Tel-Aviv has some of the most unique aspects to the State of Israel today.

Start-Up City

When people refer to Israel as the Silicon Valley of the Middle East, the hub of that phenomenon is the city of Tel-Aviv. Jerusalem has some hi-tech companies, and there are some industrial areas in Israel’s peripheral areas. But, by and large, the hub is in Tel-Aviv and it’s suburbs. How did this happen? There are a few reasons. Here are some of the causes.

Army Base in the Center of City

The heart of the Defense Establishment of the State of Israel is in Tel-Aviv. It is located in what is called “The Kirya.” This is where the programmers and cyber-warriors of the State of Israel sit. Most of Israel’s finest cyber-warriors set up plans to move out into the private sector while they are still in uniform. As opposed to the United States where the Army bases are often in remote locations, Israel’s cyber nerve center of the Army is right next to the largest malls and cafes of Tel-Aviv. So, next time you walk into a cafe in Tel-Aviv, note the people who sit right next to you. They may very well be hatching the next dot-com idea that will change the world.

Influx of Russian Engineers

Starting in the early 90’s until today, tens of thousands of Jews immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union. Tens of thousands of them were musicians and engineers. Musicians had a harder time finding work. But enterprising Israelis realized that the bright formerly Russian Jews had excellent aptitudes for programming and engineering. This presented Israel with a wonderful opportunity. Since Israel’s largest city, Jerusalem, does not lend itself as much to free enterprise, the entrepreneurs naturally chose the largest city center that was accessible to the new immigrant population. Tel-Aviv and it’s suburbs were a natural fit.

Today, the next generation continues in their parent’s footsteps and many children of these immigrants are drawn to the higher salaries in the hi-tech field. With the addition of new roads and train lines, Tel-Aviv has become even more accessible.

All of these reasons have led Tel-Aviv to become a tourist center – not just for beaches and night life – but for investors and hi-tech enthusiasts.

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