BBC Contributor Praises Terror Attack that Killed Two Israelis

by Leah Rosenberg

Shame on you, BBC. This is not the first time you have allowed the glorification of terrorism against Jews. Enough!

BBC Glorifies Terrorism – Again

It is truly sickening that the BBC has allowed the glorification of terrorism against innocent Jewish men, women, and children on MANY occasions. They don’t seem to care that they promote such hatred and antisemitism. How can they allow terror-supporters to contribute to their news network? It is disturbing and immoral. And it’s enough. They seem to never learn their lesson because they keep allowing it to happen. BBC continues to allow antisemites to contribute to their station.

This news network would never allow such hatred against other groups, would they? Can you imagine the outrage if they praised attacks against any other group of people or country? But when it comes to Israel, it seems they freely promote antisemitic content. Will the British government do anything about this? How can they stand by and watch this happen on a network that they provide grants to? It is honestly shameful, and action needs to be taken.

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