Bari Weiss Gives it to CNN and the Media for the World Going Mad

by Phil Schneider

Liberals and Conservatives used to be on opposite sides of most arguments. Today, a true liberal probably would agree with a true conservative on more issues relating to free speech. The threat that exists today is the new style of silencing anyone that doesn’t subscribe to woke opinions on race, gender, and a whole host of other issues. Instead of the media serving as a watchdog to insure that people are informed, via tough questions of elected officials, the media has been complicit in the public becoming less informed and more polarized.

How and why did this all begin. It did not start with the election of Donald Trump. It began even before Barack Obama’s election. It began in colleges over the last few decades, where ideas that were fringe during the Clinton and Bush administrations began to take root among students. But over the coming decades, a small movement turned into a much larger movement that snowballed with the election of Barack Obama, and doubled and tripled during the Trump administration.

The media did not mercilessly attack Bill Clinton or George Bush. They were each properly called out for the failings of their administrations. Clinton’s personal failings clouded over his many accomplishments. The Iran-Iraq war clouded over the Bush administration’s accomplishments. This was no different than previous Presidencies. However, Barack Obama brought a new attitude into the Oval Office. It was a movement that was looking to change the United States at it’s core. It set out to do so and has not stopped to this day. It is succeeding in many ways. The election of Donald Trump set the Oval Office and the mass media on a clear collision course – before the first day of the Trump Presidency.

Things have only gone downhill since then. But now that the Biden-puppet Presidency is in full swing, it is clear to anyone looking and listening that the media is way off the deep end. Bari Weiss and other liberal commentators are the perfect people to point the mirror in the faces of those who have been complicit in bringing the media to it’s level that it now finds itself in.

Dr. Risch

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