Avi Abelow opens up about his passion for the Jewish people

by Leah Rosenberg

Having a passion for the Jewish people and to bring more good into the world can really lead to great accomplishments. This is Avi Abelow’s inspiring story!

Passion for the Jewish people

In this interview, Return O’ Israel’s founder and director Anthony Abma interviews Avi Abelow. This interview took place during Avi’s reserve duty in the IDF. Avi feels it is a privilege to be defending the Jewish people.

The discussion here reveals what having a passion for the Jewish people can lead to. It reveals what having a desire to spread the truth can lead to. Avi changed his entire profession and direction in life to do something more meaningful.

Using the Media for the Good

As Avi said, the media can be used to spread the good or the bad, the truth or the lies. As can all things in life! He saw the media being used to destroy Judeo-Christian values and to spread lies about Israel and the Jewish people. So what did he do? Avi created a media company that would fight back. A company that would make it a goal to share the truth about Israel and show the world that the Jewish people are not bad. To fight against the rampant antisemitism in the world. And Israel Unwired does just that! The facts DO matter. The facts change everything.

Having a little passion to do something good can really go a long way. And for Avi, it definitely did!

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