Arabs threaten and beat Muslim woman as she stands up for Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Listen to one of the bravest people out there – a Muslim Zionist. Sara Zoabi dedicates her life to defending Israel. And she pays a heavy price for it.

The Muslim Zionist

Sara Zoabi is a proud Muslim Zionist. But that does not mean she sometimes questions her decisions when her own people try to attack her. It is hard for her. But she continues defending Israel because she knows it is the right thing; it is the moral thing. Zoabi does not want to give in to those who try to silence her. Despite the threats, this Muslim Zionist still chooses to support Israel. It is courageous and brave of her, especially in a world where even Jews themselves refuse to defend the Jewish state! Can you imagine? She is willing to pay such a heavy price for defending the JEWISH homeland! Sara Zoabi deserves the support of EVERY Zionist out there!

Apartheid State?

Sara Zoabi, a MUSLIM, gives an important message to the world: Israel is NOT an apartheid state! As she said, “Show me a place that doesn’t have an Arab worker. Hospitals, schools, universities, colleges. Show me a place where we’re not together.”

You can try to claim that Israel is an apartheid state, but it is not based on ANY facts! Come to Israel, and you’ll see for yourself. Muslims are even part of the Israel Defense Forces, the police force, the government, and more. Try finding that type of inclusion of Jews in Muslim countries. You won’t.

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