Arabs in the UAE Said This About Jews, and Israel-Haters Can’t Believe it

by Leah Rosenberg

Is peace between Arabs and Jews possible? It most definitely is. Arabs in the UAE are looking forward to a bright future with Jews.

UAE Arabs Want Peace

This is truly amazing. A few decades ago, no one could have imagined something like this happening. Even just a few years ago this seemed like a crazy idea! But times are changing! The fact that Arabs in the UAE are not only feeling positive about peace with Israel but also willing to publicly say it is mind-blowing.

Many people don’t like former President Donald Trump. But those people have to give credit where credit is due. Trump was the one who helped bring about the Abraham Accords. This was a major accomplishment. It opened up the doors for many more positive developments between Israel and Arab countries.

The messages from these Arabs in the UAE are not just “I will try to tolerate you as a Jew.” These Emiratis are not being forced to make peace. They want to actively befriend Jews! The messages are about unity and love. The Arabs speaking here are really saying remarkable things. And it can only lead to more light in this world.

Peace between Arabs and Jews is possible. It is more than possible – it has already begun. No one benefits from all of the hate and bloodshed. Even the Arabs don’t benefit. Let’s pray that more Arabs wake up to the truth about the Jewish people and end their extreme hatred of the people of Israel.

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