Arabs hurl firebombs as Jews pray at Joseph’s Tomb

by Avi Abelow

Watch as Jews pray to God peacefully and fervently at Joseph’s Tomb. But they were disrupted just moments later by Arab rioters.

Jews Pray, Arabs Destroy

The other night, there were about 1000 Jewish people who came to Joseph’s Tomb to pray the special prayers called selichot leading up to Yom Kippur. As they were praying, dozens of Arab hurled firebombs at them and set tires of fire. This video was taken just moments before the attacks began.

Jews pray, and the Arabs decided to disrupt and destroy. The Arab hatred of the Jewish nation is so great that they disrespect holy sites. This is a Jewish holy site, and Muslims treat Jewish holy sites with such contempt.

If Jews ever treated Muslim holy sites this way, it would be front page news. But Jews do not mistreat Muslim holy sites. Because Jews respect others. Jews respect people of other faiths, even if they may have different beliefs. Yet somehow, when Jews want to pray at Joseph’s Tomb ahead of the holy day of Yom Kipper, Arabs attack. They try to destroy the beauty, the holiness. But as Jewish people in the Jewish homeland, we will not let that happen. We CANNOT let that happen!

Dr. Risch

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