Arab Israeli videos herself violently desecrating Israeli flag

by Leah Rosenberg

When an Arab Israeli is desecrating the Israeli flag, she clearly does not deserve to be living in the free and democratic state of Israel.

Arab Israeli Desecrates Flag; Gets Suspended from Job

What kind of people do things like this? Definitely not people who want to live in peace with their neighbors. Of course Israelis were outraged after this Arab Israeli posted herself desecrating the Israeli flag in such a brutal way.

What is so insane is that this woman, an Arab who is an ISRAELI citizen, worked for the Israeli gas company Delek. She has total ingratitude for the blessed life she has with freedom and equality as an Arab citizen of Israel. She can even do this act without any punishment by the state! If a similar act was done by Arabs in an Arab Muslim country, there would be severe consequences. At least her company suspended her. They won’t tolerate the hate.

Israel treats its Arab citizens equally. They have jobs, homes, and opportunities, just like Jewish citizens do. How dare some Arab citizens be so ungrateful for the freedoms they have? If they don’t like their lives under the Israeli government, they should try living under the Palestinian Authority, a government that tortures its own people. Let’s see how happy they are then.

Arab Incitement
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