AOC gets snubbed by her own party in secret ballot vote

by Leah Rosenberg

AOC is a rising star in the Democratic Party. Is she perhaps not as popular as she seems? Ben Shapiro points out that AOC is seemingly much less popular – within her own party – than many may think. This is probably true, but, it is also somewhat misleading. AOC and Rashida Tlaib, and their cohorts in “The Squad” are not an aberration that will just fritter away in the coming years. It is a reflection of the changing character of significant chunks of the United States electorate in certain districts. And this is most definitely connected to mass immigration to the USA from Muslim-filled countries that have taken place in recent decades.

The Democratic Party used to be the party of the immigrants, the party that stood for freedom and liberal values, when liberal values were actually liberal and not leftist “progressive” values. It was the party that helped the downtrodden who had escaped from countries that had socialist and communist values. Italian, Jewish, and African immigrants felt more at home with the party that stood up for the rights of the working class. Union workers felt that they could rely on the Democratic party to champion their right to work hard and not be taken advantage of.

Today, much of the Democratic party leadership stands against protecting Americans from the growing threats of terrorists & anarchists, and they are silent regarding the growing cancel culture on social media shutting down the freedom of speech.

It is a party that with every passing day, stands more for socialist principles than capitalist principles. It has thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Of course, capitalism ought to be tempered with some compassion, sprinkled with values that look our for individuals and not just the “bottom-line”. Otherwise, the millionaire class will grow exponentially along with the homeless rate. But the solution is not to penalize the millionaire class for succeeding. The solution is to create more and more opportunities for the weaker, downtrodden class.

Socialist principles sound lofty, but they go hand in hand with totalitarian principles. Socialism and loss of freedoms are two sides of the same coin. The Democratic Party stands more and more for Bernie Sanders-type ideas that redistribute wealth via punishing the rich. AOC loves that way of thinking. That is what led Amazon to jump ship and leave New York City before they moved in. AOC simply couldn’t grapple with the idea of such a rich and successful company employing tens of thousands of New Yorkers as employees, yet receiving some tax breaks to incentivize the move. So, Jeff Bezos took his business elsewhere.

If the AOCs of the world become major forces in the United States, more and more people will jump ship. Her popularity within the Democratic Congress may not be so high now. But, in another decade or so, she may be a strong candidate for House leadership.

She and her fellow squad-members are a growing threat to all Americans, and to Israel as well.

Col. Kemp

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