Anti-Israel activists use attempted terror attack to bash Israel

by Avi Abelow

The IDF stopped a female Arab Muslim terrorist stabbing attack. But Anti-Israel activists used what happened as an opportunity to lie about Israel.

Anti-Israel Activists Are at it Again

This video shows the moment that a female Arab was shot by IDF security at the Qualinda checkpoint after she pulled out a knife in an attempt to stab Israeli soldiers. The terrorist later died from her wounds at an ISRAELI hospital where she was treated.

If this was your country, wouldn’t you hope that your security would be strong enough to defend themselves against terrorists? Wouldn’t you hope that they would stand up to save themselves and to save you? But somehow, anti-Israel activists used this attempted terror attack as an opportunity to criticize Israel (see image below from Jewish Voice for Peace). They claimed that a “woman” was “several meters away” and did “not appear to pose any immediate threat.” They somehow failed to mention the entire story. What about the fact that she had a knife and was attempting to stab Israeli soldiers? What about the fact that she was not just a woman, but an Arab terrorist? Apparently, those facts do not matter.

Does Anyone Care About the Truth?

It seems so foolish that organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace actually defend terrorists over the democratic state of Israel. It is absurd that they twist the story to make Israel seem like they are oppressing innocent Palestinian Arab women. But apparently, people do not care about the truth. They only care about attacking Israel. And that will not lead them to anywhere positive in the future…

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