Anti-Israel Activist Gets Told Off by None Other Than an Israeli Arab

by Phil Schneider

In the perverse world that we live in, Israeli Arabs need to tell off some Israelis in order to reveal the truth to the masses. Indeed, Israel is under attack by a savage terrorist group that specifically wants as many Jews and Arabs killed, as long as the terrorist’s achieve their goal – the destruction of the State of Israel. Does it sound crazy, absurd, and totally illogical? Yes. It is crazy, absurd, and illogical. It is a Middle Eastern mind. It is wired differently. 

The Western minds have a difficult time understanding the mindset of a bloodthirsty religious Muslim mob that is willing to die as long as they take down as many Jews as possible in the process. That is exactly the mindset that well-intentioned academics struggle with. So, they revert to harping on the number of Arab “innocents” that are killed in order to incriminate Israel. 

Joseph Haddad properly tackles that issue by clarifying that under any method of analysis, Israel’s destruction of Hamas and its terror infrastructure is well within the range of reasonable destruction of terror. If indeed Israel has killed between 20-30,000 Arabs, and around 10,000 of them are terrorists, then it is altogether reasonable that for every terrorist killed, another 1-2 non-militants are killed, due to Hamas’ use of non-militants as personal shields.

Hamas is indeed responsible for all of the killing – every last one. It is not very complicated. If Hamas would stop killing Israelis, there would be no need for Israel to destroy Hamas. If there were no Hamas terror tunnels, Israel would not have to destroy them. 

But in today’s perverse Western progressive mindset, the underdog – by definition – is the oppressed. Therefore the mindset goes, Arabs, no matter what they do, must be supported. This kind of thinking is based on a mindset that removes G-d from any conversation, a mindset that does not see things via the prism of right and wrong. It is a mindset that refuses to say what any reasonable mind ought to say – anyone who rapes Israeli women, beheads Israeli babies, and kidnaps Israeli grandmothers is a monster. Monsters need to be eradicated. Joseph Haddad, an Israeli Arab who served in the Israel Defense Forces, is a voice that must be encouraged and supported. Every day that he speaks, he risks his life for the State of Israel and sheds light on the darkness of lies against Israel.  

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