Another Pandemic? Bird Flu Now Has 60% Mortality Rate

by David Mark

Just when we thought global pandemics were a thing of the past, reports are circulating that Bird Flu is now transferrable to mammals and it has a 60% mortality rate.

Bird flu usually sticks with poultry, but recently it has started affecting mammals. It is reported that thousands of seals in South America have lost their life due to Bird Flu. 3,500 seals have died thus far. The Peruvian government has reported that since November 2022 around 3% of Peru’s population of these animals have died as a result of HPAI, the deadliest form of bird flu.

Bird flu swept through a Spanish mink farm last year is more worrying. It is more likely that it spread from mink to mink due to the cramped conditions in which the animals live. Over 50,000 mink had to be euthanized.

So is this another pandemic – one that is far deadlier than what was considered to be a pandemic when it came to COVID-19?

What is concerning is that laboratories were already performing gain of function research on Bird Flu ten years ago, making it transferable to humans. This research was halted 4 years ago – only to return now.

With more and more information coming to light regarding the complicity of pharmaceutical companies’ involvement in working with gain of function research connected to COVID-19 – new questions are arising. One wonders if we are all being set up for another series of lockdowns in order for Big Pharma to profit from a series of untested vaccines that are not only ineffective, but deadly.

Unfortunately, given the track record of many of our politicians and international agencies – the most likely conclusion is yes.

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