An Old Song That Resonates With The Struggle Against Coronavirus

by Phil Schneider

It is an historic time that we are now living in. So many of the things that we have taken for granted until now are now open-ended questions without answers. It seems that God wants the entire world to take a break for an extended amount of time from their lives. God clearly seems to want to bring an earthquake to the world as we know it. How will the world be changed at the end of the Coronavirus epidemic?

We may not know how the world will end up at the end of this world calamity. But one thing is clear – it will be different – very different. People’s confidence in things that they always thought were givens are in the midst of being shattered. People’s belief in themselves will be changed for good. God is delivering a powerful message to us. He is in charge and we are rather powerless in the face of God’s powers – no matter how much we have built and developed in the last few centuries.

We must all beg God for mercy. But the way to do that is via a genuine-heart-filled return to following a life based on a high moral code. We must put aside selfish, self-centered living and embrace a life of giving. The world can indeed change – but it is up to us to embrace change, or else, as we see now, God may intervene – in ways that bring fright to the entire world.

The lessons to be learned are many. It is nowhere close to enough to learn from the pandemic that we cannot rely on the Chinese for production of basic goods. We need to focus on our own powerlessness without God in our lives.

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