An Israel advocate just revealed the secret for the success of the world

by Leah Rosenberg

If one wants to think big – really big – about how to change the world, it is often overwhelming.  So, most people will tend to give up on anything that big as it is just too much to think about impacting on the entire world.  However, there is a practical way to make a great impact on the entire world.

Israel – God’s Big Project

The State of Israel is much more than a home for the Jewish people to run away from anti-semitism.  It is much more than a place for Jewish people to have an inherently Jewish home to practice the Jewish religion to the fullest.  The State of Israel is there to gradually build up into a model nation.  The State is there for the Jewish people to become a model nation that serves as a light unto all of the nations.  These are not mere fancy words.  It is exactly the plan of God with the State of Israel.

Help Israel, Help the World

In a matter of a few decades, the State of Israel has transformed from a rather backward socialist leaning country into a hi-tech and religion powerhouse of a country.  Both innovation and advancement of technology and ethical and moral progress are the State of Israel’s signature achievements.

It is not the military prowess that sets Israel apart, even though Israel’s Army and Air Force have accomplished amazing feats over the years.  It is not even the democratic character of Israel which sets it apart.  That only is unique in the Middle East.  There are many free and democratic countries around the world.

What sets Israel apart is the spiritual element which is the underpinning of all of Israel’s accomplishments.  For anyone who would like to be part of building a nation that will be a light unto the nations, the State of Israel beckons.

Arab Incitement
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