An inside look at what happens on an IDF boat

by Leah Rosenberg

The way the Israeli Army, Navy and Air Force protect their country is amazing. They are on call and protecting 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

The Israeli Navy

The Navy was founded in 1948, after the establishment of the State of Israel. However, many of the volunteers had been trained by the Royal Navy, the British Navy who was here during the British Mandate. The Israeli Navy, in the beginning, suffered a lack of professional command during its early days. The early days of the Israeli Navy were therefore characterized by political infighting, as many groups and individuals jockeyed for power. 

After the War of Independence many sailors went to be trained in countries such as the UK, Malta and France. The Israeli Navy was also able to build up its material supply.

The Navy has bases along the coast of Israel, by the Mediterranean Sea. The sailors are there 24 hours a day come rain or shine. They do everything on the boat. They have beds, a small kitchen to cook, bathrooms and much more. This makes the sailors experience as enjoyable as possible.

The Israeli Air Force

The Israeli Air Force has many functions:

  • To protect the State of Israel from aerial attack
  • To achieve air supremacy
  • To create the aerial intelligence picture and participate in the creation of the general intelligence picture and its assessment
  • To transport troops, equipment, and weapons systems
  • To carry out search, rescue, and aerial evacuation missions
  • To execute special operations

Before the Israeli Air Force, established in 1948, there was the Palestinian Flying Service, established by the Irgun in 1937. Many of the operations and wars fought by Israel, the Air Force has played an important role. Most of the military planes come from the United States.

The Israeli Army

The Israeli Army was established in 1948 after the Haganah and Irgun joined forces. The Army, including the Navy and the Air Force, has a conscription age of 18. The Army’s sole purpose is to protect the people living in the State of Israel.

The Army has performed in many Wars, beginning with the War of Independence, 6-Day War, Yom Kippur War, Lebanon War. As well as many operations, which many recently have been in Gaza.

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