American-Israeli musician sings with famous South African choir

by Leah Rosenberg

Music has the power to connect people. Song is a universal language which can break through barriers. Watch as unity is created through a beautiful song.

Yonatan Razel & the Mzansi Youth Choir

Yonatan Razel is a famous American-Israeli singer who lives in Jerusalem. In this video, he teams up with the Mzansi Youth Choir in South Africa to create this stunning masterpiece. It is beautiful to see two cultures and two worlds join together through music. In a world where nations are constantly clashing, finally there is a sense of calm. That is definitely encouraging. Rather than pointing out our differences, we can sing together.

The Song Choice

The song that Yonatan Razel and the Mzansi Youth Choir sang is “Lema’an Achai” by Rav Shlomo Carlebach. Many tunes that Jews sing on the Sabbath and throughout the year were composed by him. This song is called, “Lema’an Achai,” or “For my brothers.” The words are from the Talmud, and Rav Carlebach composed a beautiful tune which Jews all over the world sing.

In this rendition, Razel and the choir sing a loose translation as well. Although the English words don’t match up exactly to the Hebrew, Razel and the choir portrayed the idea beautifully with the words that they sang. It is a concept that everyone can relate to and is especially relevant in the times we live in today.


They are singing about peace and wishing well for others. You don’t see and hear this unity often.

A simple song can maybe show the world how we should all be, and that is truly inspiring.

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