America Is Devolving Into Political Violence

by Micha Gefen

The last straw for any society is when differing political view points propel its people to take up arms against one another.

What we are witnessing in the USA is nothing short of chaos. However, this chaos is not growing because a lack of order, but rather there are whole swaths of people who have now grown to believe that violence is justified as long as it is against the other side.

Seattle, Portland, and other progressive strongholds are falling apart as rioters and insurrectionists have taken their uprising to a whole new level.

Last month looting was the extreme, now using weapons on law enforcement personnel has become acceptable.

America cannot hold out forever in this situation. It was built on creating political discourse and not political violence. However, as more and more of the woke mob realizes their movement is gaining steam by peddling fear, then violence becomes legitimized even more.

This is the difference between the USA and Israel. The woke mob has tried its hand at violent demonstrations in Israel, but has not found success. Most Israelis still have a foundational and exceptional view of their country – one based on tradition and Biblical imperatives.

The opposite can be said for America, where decades of leftwing control over the media and universities has ripped apart the fabric of national exceptionalism – rendering America a group of non-connected tribes.

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