America Has Just Become One Step Closer to Tyranny

by Phil Schneider

In the McCarthy era, in the 50’s, nearly every person in America who had a powerful position was suspected of being a Communist. There were indeed many people who were Communist supporters. But that does not mean that they all were as dangerous as Joseph McCarthy may have argued. There were many Communist supporters that were not dangerous, but sympathized with Communist principles. The problem, he argued was that they were in positions of power, and needed to be exposed and battled in the marketplace of ideas.

Today, what is going on is that Democrat lawmakers are accusing mass killings as being the direct result of the political opinions of the Republican opposition. Tucker Carlson aptly notes that the killer in Buffalo has been clearly diagnosed as a mentally ill person. But instead of dealing with making sure that mentally ill people are not able to commit mass murders, Democrats are working o limit the civil liberties of the average citizen.

When Joseph McCarthy called the Democrat party, the party of Communists. He did clarify that there are many Democrats who are of course, not communists. But, he stood by his contention that the attitudes of many Democrats are indeed pro-Communist.

Did McCarthy’s investigations go too far. Yes. But was their some truth in what he claimed. Absolutely. Today, it is not a single man’s witch-hunt from the Republican Party towards the Democrats. It is not one demagogue who is on a rampage to clean up the country. Today, it is a massive group of Democrat leaders and lawmakers who are basically employing McCarthyistic tactics to intimidate and bully as many people who don’t accept woke ideology.

Cancel culture is not just alive and well. It is growing by leaps and bounds. Tucker Carlson is correct in sounding the alarm. It can get much worse.

Col. Kemp

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