Amazing to See 100,000 Jews, Including US Ambassador, at Western Wall for Special Sukkot Prayers

by Avi Abelow

What an unbelievable sight to see, 100,000 Jews at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount for special Sukkot holiday prayers and priestly blessings.

Tens of Thousands Wave the 4 Species at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount

Sukkot Priestly Blessing

Some 100,000 Jews took part in the blessing of the Kohanim (Jewish Priests) that takes place at the Western Wall plaza. Thousands of Kohanim welcomed all those who attended the morning prayers at the foot of the Temple Mount.

As in previous years, the Priestly Blessing took place in the presence of the Chief Rabbis of Israel, the Rishon LeZion, Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef and Rabbi Dovid Lau. Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, the US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, Police Commissioner Roni Alshich, Ministers Uri Ariel and Ze’ev Elkin and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat participated in the event. The candidates for mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon and Ofer Berkowitz, also arrived at the Western Wall.

Ambassador David Friedman, a Jewish Priest himself, mentioned how it is “a great privilege to be a Cohen and to receive an opportunity to bless the Jewish people from the Western Wall, and this is the third time that I am taking part in the priestly blessing here as ambassador.”

Like Temple Times

The Sukkot holiday is one of three holidays in the Jewish calendar when Jews are commanded to ascend to Jerusalem. The actual commandment was to visit the Temple, yet today with the Temple no longer standing, people come visit Jerusalem. One of the Sukkot holiday highlights is the Priestly blessing at the Western Wall plaza. We await the day when our Temple is rebuilt to be able to once again ascend the Temple to watch the Priestly blessings from there, where they are supposed to take place.

And Look at How Are Enemies Report This

Do you think they are interested in peace if they demonize every Israeli Jew a “Zionist Settler” and they deny the existence of the Jewish Temple, renaming it a term from a dream of a man who was born thousands of years after the Frist Temple was built by King Solomon?

This was my response:


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