Amazing Rescue. All 12 Boys Have Been Saved from the Thailand Cave. Israeli Tech Helped

by Avi Abelow

Amazing, amazing, amazing. The world just witnessed the most amazing rescue operation. All 12 boys were saved, with their coach. We in Israel are proud that our Israeli tech helped.

Miraculous Rescue

The most unbelievable aspect about this rescue operation is that it was a global effort. 90 divers from all over the world came together to make this rescue operation happen.

The Israeli tech solution was critical in assisting with the communications effort throughout the rescue. The rescuers were able to be in contact with each other throughout the different points of the cave, and those outside the cave. Without this communications solution the rescuers would have had a much harder time at saving these boys.

Just look at how hard it was to maneuver and swim in this cave to save the boys, one at a time.

One Diver Lost His Life

Unfortunately, one Thai diver lost his life in trying to save the boys. He was in the process of bringing more oxygen tanks in the cave to help the rescue effort when his oxygen expired while he was still in the middle of his dive in the cave.

Here is a beautiful tribute video about him.

Another Hero – the Coach


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