Alleged Israeli Strike of Iranian Arms Depot in Syria Causes Massive Damage

by Leah Rosenberg

Another Israeli strike? This time, the target was the port of the coastal city of Latakia, Syria. It is time for Iran to back down.

Another Israeli Strike on Iranian Target

Iran has created places of terrorism throughout the Middle East. There are many Iranian proxies, and Iran uses the port of Latakia to transfer arms to Hezbollah and others. Israel must defend itself against all Iranian terror. This was not the first Israeli strike this month.

Syria’s State Media reported that massive damage was done, not surprisingly.

Strikes on Latakia have largely been avoided because of a presence of Russian forces nearby, but now, it was time.

Israel has to do what it needs to in order to stop Iran. The entire world suffers because of Iranian terrorism. It is not just Israel that is at risk. It is not even just Iranians themselves. Iranian terror has made a presence throughout the entire Middle East.

Will the world condemn Israel? Probably. No matter what, the world condemns Israel. So Israel might as well take action to stop Iran and protect itself. Even if it means they have to act alone. How much longer can the waiting game go on for?

Col. Kemp

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