Alibaba CEO comes to Israel and stuns the entire room with this speech

by Michael Sax

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma visited Israel and had some very surprising things to say. And when the CEO of a major company says it about Israel, you know it’s true.

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma speaks at Tel Aviv University

Jack Ma founded Alibaba in 1999. The company has grown immensely, and as of 2018 its market cap stood at US $527 billion. Alibaba is the world’s largest retailer. Additionally, it is one of the largest internet companies in the world. As such, Jack has a broad perspective of running a large, international company.

Views about Israel

Let’s set the record straight. Jack Ma is not Israeli. He is not Jewish. Hence, he has no inherent desire to support the Jewish homeland. Instead, he presents the facts. And he does so without biases. So, you know you can trust his word. Since it is coming from a person with such a broad world and financial perspective, you know that everything he says is very important. Upon arrival, Jack sees that Israel is a safe country. The media portrays Israel as a war zone, but the truth is that it is a peaceful place. Israelis go to the beach, malls, and have fun just like other people do.

Never give up

One of Jack’s main messages is to never give up. As founder of Alibaba, Jack faced many challenges. Yet he never gave up. As well, Jack knows that he doesn’t have much resources. Jack draws parallels to Israel, a country that also never gave up. As well, despite Israel being a leader in the diamond market and car technology, it does not have natural resources to make diamonds or build their own cars. So how do Alibaba and Israel survive? Jack explains that they both don’t give up, and they rely on human intellect. He explains that this is why the Jewish people have won so many Nobel prizes.


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