Alan Dershowitz Gives Israeli Left a Major Wakeup Call in Bombshell Interview

by Phil Schneider

Only a lifelong, true-blue Democrat like Alan Dershowitz, with a liberal resume that is second to none, can be believed when he says that the Democrat Party has decided to completely toss support of Israel aside as a non-priority. Worse, the Democrat Party is largely adopting the talking points of Barack Obama’s staunch support of the great lie of the Palestine movement.

Of course, there is some truth to the newly created idea of Arab Palestinian nationalism. But it is largely a modern invention of the 20th century that is predicated on a very weak claim of Arabs to the Land of Israel. The arguments are around 5% true and 95% wild exaggerations mixed with a whole potpourri of lies. 

On the other hand, the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel is the reverse. It is 95% true, and perhaps 5% exaggerated idealism. The Jewish people moved to the Land of Israel en-masse from Arab Lands during the 20th century for two main reasons. They never lost their ancient draw to Jerusalem and the Land of Israel, the Land they were exiled from 2,000 and 2,400 years earlier. And secondly, they were kicked out by their host Arab countries. Jews from Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Libya had a rich and glorious past in their host countries. They did not consider themselves refugees, but Jews in their host countries. In truth, there were some Arab countries where Jews actually did quite well and thrived. But the norm was generally more one of subjugation and occasional pogrom-like behavior towards Jews who were overwhelmingly treated as second class citizens. This is one of the reasons that the Jews from Arab Lands did not assimilate much in their host countries and retained their distinct religious customs and norms.

The Jews from Russia, Poland, and Western Europe were different. Many of them thrived and indeed did assimilate into their host culture, while most of the masses – especially in Eastern Europe – stayed in their sheltered Orthodox lifestyle. Although thousands of the Ashkenazi Jews who came on Aliyah to return to the Land of Israel before and after World War I were driven by Zionist aspirations and a new-old nationalism, the majority were fleeing pogroms, communism, or Nazism in Germany. 

There are many reasons that the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel is far stronger than the Arab claim. But there is one side to the story that is not so idealistic or romantic that needs to be repeated time and again. The Jewish people have nowhere else to go. This has been proven time and again – before, during , and after the Holocaust. There is only one place that the Jewish people can turn to that will open it’s doors to the Jewish people in a time of need – the Land of Israel under the sovereignty of a Jewish State. David Ben-Gurion’s Law of Return was perhaps the greatest achievement for the security of the Jewish people since the destruction of the 2nd Temple.

The Arabs who claim that Israel has conquered their Land indeed have a claim – a very weak claim. But there is some truth to it. However, if one listens to what the Arabs say, both in public and on the street, they generally don’t talk about their claim to the Land. They talk about Al Aqsa – a religious symbol, and they talk about killing Jews and driving them into the sea. 5% of what they say is about Land. 95% is about killing Jews, holy wars, and taking over the world. 

A two-state solution, a non-starter that is now rejected by more than 80% of Israel’s Jewish population, presupposes that there is a land dispute between two legitimate parties that requires compromise on both sides. But that supposition is incorrect. It’s not about land for the Arabs. Its about winning the holy war.  And for the Jewish people, it is about land. But it is also about having no other option. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sinai, and other areas in the Middle East have more empty land than Montana. Anyoy who claims the so-called “Palestinians” have nowhere to go needs to look at a population and geographic map of the Middle East.    

There is only room for one sovereign country between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. The Arabs know this too. It is just a one hour drive to go from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. We must face the facts and not just spout empty slogans like “two state solution” and “compromises for peace” that lead to nothing but more terror and dead ends. The Democrat Party needs to get with the times and stop sounding like they are disconnected from reality.      


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