Activists Stop Bill that Benefits Anti-Israel organizations

by Avi Abelow

Activists in Israel today were extremely active in pressuring MKs in Parliament to vote down a committee bill that would have allowed anti-Israel non-profit organizations to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax benefits.

Earlier I spoke with Sarah Haetzni Hacohen, the Director of the My Israel organization, which was one of the main organizations organizing activists to contact the parliamentarians and vote down the committee bill.

As Sarah explains, the parliamentarians did not even know what the committee decision was about. They were not given the details. They would have just voted for the bill without even knowing that they were allowing anti-Israel organizations to receive tax benefits!

We have too many people in government positions, mostly career beaurocrats, who believe that appeasing our enemies, allowing them to pay the terrorists who kill us, giving them money that is given to terrorists, allowing their non-profit organizations to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid from the EU, the UN and individual European countries as well as receive tax-benefits etc. is all in Israel’s best interest.

The people of Israel are healthy. We know that in order to stop the 100+ year terror war against us we have to beat our enemy. Unfortunately, we first have to overcome those with power within our ranks, including in the government, media and justice system who instead focus on appeasing our enemy.

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